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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Caught Skinny Dipping

Victoria Composite High School was a Senior High School (Grades 10 - 12) started in Edmonton in 1911 for the purpose of placing an emphasis on vocational training.  Over the years it was expanded and became one of the largest High Schools in Edmonton.  It became fondly known as 'Vic Comp'.  Three of my brothers attended there at different times.

Vic Comp had the distinction of being the first High School in Edmonton to have an indoor swimming pool.  Many Edmontonians, including me, took swimming lessons in that pool as a child or a  teenager.

This story concerns my eldest brother, Kenneth.   He was the sportsman in the family and involved in High School sports.  He was on the basketball team and it was at this time (late '40's) that the swimming pool was being constructed.  Interest was high as to when the pool would be completed and the students able to use it.  Apparently that day was not far off.  The pool had been filled with water but not yet cleaned and all sorts of debris was still floating in the water.

After a basketball practice one evening, the team was in the locker room getting ready to hit the showers when one player had a brilliant idea.

"Let's try out the pool!"

"It's not been cleaned yet!"

"That doesn't matter.  We'll jump in and get right out again just so that we can lay claim to being the first ones to swim in the pool."

"We didn't bring bathing suits!"

"We don't need suits; we'll skinny dip.  There is nobody else around so we'll have the pool all to ourselves.  What do you say?"

A chorus of hooting and hollering signified their agreement as the guys grabbed towels and headed for the pool.  The water was cold but their daring made it worth their while.

Kenneth never said how long they were in the pool before they heard voices coming from the ladies locker room.  Before the boys had a chance to get out of the pool, grab their towels, and run for cover, the entire girls' cheer leading team, still dressed in their outfits, came in for a look at the pool.  They had been practicing in another part of the building and the boys forgot that they were there.

The girls quickly realized that they had caught the boys in an awkward moment.  There were rows of bleachers at that end of the pool so the girls sat down as a couple of them gathered up the towels and placed them just out of reach to anyone in the pool.

"How's the water, boys," they asked, "isn't it a bit cold?"

The girls were enjoying themselves at the boys expense as they watched them huddling together close to the edge of the pool.

"Why don't you come out," they smirked, "could it be that we've got your towels and you aren't wearing suits?"

The boys did not know what they were going to do.  Just then, the basketball team coach came out of the men's locker room and saw his team's predicament. 

"Ladies, it is time to go home," he said firmly, leaving no doubt in the girls' minds that he meant what he said.  One by one the girls headed back to the ladies locker room.  The boys looked sheepish as they hastily crawled out of the pool and grabbed towels to cover themselves.

"You had no business swimming in the pool and certainly not naked," the coach admonished them, "but I think you got what you deserve for pulling such a stunt.  Make sure it doesn't happen again!"

The boys were not about to argue and gratefully headed for nice, warm, showers.

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